Center for Change & Growth PLC is changing,

growing, and evolving.

Dr. Susan Carter was a founder of the Center for Change & Growth PLC in 1997, as a place where children and their families can find help with life’s challenges.  C4CG has been a play therapy center, a psychological services agency, and a counseling center since the beginning.  As a play therapy center, we believe in the healing power of play, that play – in and of itself – creates a bridge between the concrete world of children and the abstract notions of adults.  Play is the catalyst for healing.  In providing psychological services, we seek to understand each child’s unique approach to being in the world.  Our focus in counseling is to give each and every individual (child, adolescent, or adult), couple, or family that enters our center, the skills and tools to be successful in their world.

At C4CG, healing is a serious business that is dealt with ina calm, consistent, safe, and playful manner.  We assist children and adults to use play, art, and other expressive techniques to express their joys, their fears, and their sorrows.

Finally, C4CG is an assessment and evaluation center, helping families to understand the cognitive, neurological, and learning disabilities of their children.