Dr. Lissa Perkins, PsyD LP

You realize you are in pain and suffering and everything you have tried so far just seems to make things worse. You are ready to find a better way to end your pain. You understand that no therapist can make your suffering vanish but the right therapist can guide you to a life of less pain and more joy. Successful clients know it is time to stop repeating old habits of thoughts and behaviors and try anyway but the old way.

As a fully licensed Psychologist, I have worked in education for over 20 years as a teacher and a school psychologist. My specialty areas include treatment of chronic illness including people struggling with long term effects of COVID, trauma and grief.

I have a deep respect and trust in therapy and how it can help create the life you want. I would be privileged to work with you on pursuing your journey toward health, balance and growth. Call me today so we can help you grow with love, compassion and humor.