Therapy is an art.
Therapy is an art. Join us in creating healing.
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Therapy is an art. Join us in creating healing.

Center for Change & Growth PLC is reopening in a new location, under new management, with new therapists.  Kristy Cavalli, LMSW RPT-S, and Kristina Raleigh, LPC have decided to take the center to a new level of service and competence for all ages of clients.  The play room is now open, continuing a nearly 30-year tradition of healing for children and families, as well as therapy for adolescents and adults.  Please call Center for Change & Growth PLC for all of your mental health needs.

Kristina Cavalli – LMSW RPT-S

I believe  in play as the most powerful language with which to build relationships and promote growth and healing in children and families

Kristina Raleigh

Kristina Raleigh – LPC

I creatively work with children and teens to make counseling a fun, interactive, engaging, and rewarding experience.

Dr. Susan M. Carter

Dr. Susan (as her friends call her) has been a practicing child and family psychologist, and passionate play therapist, for over 25 years.